What We Believe In


We are inclusive of all lifestyles and food needs. We will work with you to make a create any unique order to support you so you can feel your best.


Our community is important to us! We are involved with the local community and hold regular workshops and events. We also donate our leftovers to a local women’s shelter.


Everything is packaged in eco-friendly, bio-degradable packaging. We use as little waste as possible in our cooking and many of our dishes come in glass jars!


Whenever we’re planning our menus, we focus on digestibility and nutrient density. We keep in mind proper food combinations, that allow for the most nutrient bioavailability. Everything we do has your digestion in mind.

Supporting Local

We support local vendors. We’re always as local (and seasonal) as possible and choose local whenever we can. All of our animal products come from within 100km of the Ottawa area.

Ethical Meat

We source our meat and animal products locally and as humanely as possible. All meat is local and ethical, raised on pasture, without any antibiotics or hormones. Our fish is always wild-caught.

Our Team


Daniela is the mastermind and award winning chef behind MmmChef since its creation in 2014.  After attending culinary school she discovered and went onto study holistic nutrition. She combined these two educations to create the first holistic food + chef service of its kind in Ottawa! 



Wendell and Daniela are celebrating 18 years since their first date and 4 years of marriage. As Danielas number one cheerleader he is considered MmmChefs first employee. Not only does he help out in the kitchen, but is also building the shop from the ground up with his own hands!


Alyssa and Daniela have been friends and co-workers for nearly a decade. Alyssa helps with all of the MmmChef operations, customer service and assists with events and workshops. Alyssa makes sure the meal service and shop will run smoothly and we couldn’t have grown to what we are today without her!



What People are Saying

“Working with Daniela was an absolute pleasure

And that is a wild understatement! From an abundance of dietary restrictions to a group of 40 guests expertly executed in a location with no kitchen, there is not one element of cooking I wouldn’t confidently put in the hands of MmmChef and her knowledgeable team. I am a firm believer that Food brings us home, and Daniela’s food has the ability to bring us there.

Vanessa – Owner of Secret Dinner Canada

“She has become a staple for all my private party needs”

Daniela is a wonderful party trick! She has become a staple for all my private party needs. She works hard to ensure our menu is developed, aligned with the theme and most of all, delicious! She is efficient, creative and talented. I’m so grateful for her services.”

Sarah – Private In-home Party Client

“Daniela combines holistic nutrition with culinary skills like no other”

I have relied on her to cook weekly meal services for me while keeping in mind all my allergies/nutritional needs she has met this challenge and far exceeded my expectations. So glad she shares her talent and knowledge through this service!

 Kathleen – Meal Service and Custom Order Client


We have relationships with each one of our suppliers, ensuring we have access to the absolute highest-quality ingredients. Supporting local, small businesses is a part of who we are. From 15-year Kemptville native, Nolan Eggs, to Artisan Kombucha, we focus on sources from purveyors that align with our values. We’ve partnered with some of Ottawa’s most innovative small businesses, such as Nu Grocery (Ontario’s first zero-waste grocery store) where they stock our cultured coconut yogurt and energy oat balls.

Our Story

Where It All Began

,,  Who is MmmChef?


“”Hi! I’m Daniela and I am MmmChef the chef behind the pineapple! 

Why a pineapple? Well that is a long story that relates to my favourite band and a friendship tattoo I have…….ask me about it when we meet up and I’d be happy to explain!  But pineapples are also a symbol of hospitality and welcome, they are jam packed with anti inflammatory nutrients, digestion aiding enzymes and of course are fantastically delicious which is exactly what MmmChef is all about!

I have hosted cooking classes, facilitated large scale catering events, coordinated youth cooking camps and lessons, and I’ve worked in the behind the scenes kitchens of food television productions on Canadas Gusto TV!

I now hve my own Cooking Show Series on Ottawas local community channel Rogers TV 22 ‘SIMPLY COOKING BY MMMCHEF; watch online at rogerstv.com or search for simply cooking by mmmchef on YouTube!!  

I grew up with an Italian chef for a dad and in a restaurant industry family that has always been super passionate about REAL WHOLE foods.  I have travelled the planet opening up my palette to many cuisines. 

I THRIVE to bring healthy nutritious and convenient food to people just like you, bringing you back around the kitchen table and back to balance with every meal! 

Daniela was voted Ottawa Faces Magazines 2019 Favourite Chef!!

MmmChef was voted Ottawa Faces Magazines 2020 Favourite Meal Service. 


Daniela and her husband Wendell are building their very own Kitchen and Cafe – By MmmChef.  This will be a community space and health haven where you can pick up a grab and go meal, enjoy a nice Italian-roast espresso, or even attend a workshop or cooking class!








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